The 50 Offers Points to Ponder

By the time I’m through, I have compiled a whole lot more than just 50 points for you to ponder! For today’s post, let me give you one that has been on my mind. Ok. I hurt my back just over a month ago. It REALLY hurts. Like, to the point where sitting has those sciatic nerve pains shooting out through my hips and into my thighs.

So, I stand up to relieve the pain. Which it does for a while. Then I need to sit, or lie down and stretch (at least I’m doing a bunch of stretching!)

Then something interesting happens. If I get really involved with something, I tend to FORGET about the pain for a while. Like, it’s probably still there but I’m not really noticing it. Which makes me wonder if there is something to all this meditation stuff and thinking your way through a hardship.

Something to ponder. I’m going to take a break now and actually work on this so I can go do some work!

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